Associate Professor of Forest Pathology and Ornamental trees pathology at the University of Padova, Italy.

Since April 2017, qualified for Full Professorship.


His research has focused on mycorrhizal communities’ composition in relation to trees health.

Other research includes the ecology of endophytic fungi, epidemiology and dynamics of forest diseases, and biological control.

The current emphasis is on low-impact, integrated management of Quarantine pests and diseases.


After inventing BITE, a drill-free trunk injection device, he joined “PAN / DeRebusPlantarum”, an interdisciplinary spinoff of the University of Padova pointing to environment-friendly practices, with a special focus on plant-based injectable pesticides.


Core member at the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization, Member of the panel on Forest Quarantine at IPPC/FAO.


My Blog is at https://alberiesperti.blog , a shorter, english version is at https://clevertrees.blog/



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